Corporate Buyback Program

Mytecell Corporate Inc. empowers your business or organization to take a more responsible, secure, and profitable approach to mobile phone asset recovery and recycling. Our services allow you to safeguard the environment, protect your wireless data, and turn used mobile devices into new revenue. Since 2009, Mytecell has been providing corporate IT solutions to private, public, and non-profit organizations. Our expertise with enterprise-level smartphone and tablet solutions allows us to meet your specific demands and recycling challenges.

The Process

Let’s Discuss a Quote

The value recovered from current mobile devices can result in a reliable revenue stream and offset the purchase of new devices. Please contact us to discuss a custom quote, and as soon as it has been confirmed, we can issue a purchase order to begin the process.


We email or mail prepaid shipping labels to you, along with shipping instructions and tracking numbers.

Testing and Data Wiping

At Mytecell Corporate Inc., we understand the level of security measures needed to protect your wireless data. We guarantee complete data removal that safeguards against attempts of reuse or data recovery. We protect your identity and integrity—no traces or identifiers are left behind.

Equipment Diagnostics

Our devices go through thorough testing of all hardware and software. This will verify the phone’s overall value to confirm the pre-negotiated buyback rate.


We ensure fast and efficient payments. Our payment options include wire transfer, ACH, PayPal, and check by mail. All payments are issued within one business day of completion of diagnostics.