Highest Quality Phones, Competitively Priced


Corporate Buyback Program-

Mytecell Corporate Inc. empowers your business or organization to take a more responsible, secure, and profitable approach to mobile phone asset recovery and recycling. Our services allow you to safeguard the environment, protect your wireless data, and turn used mobile devices into new revenue. Since 2009, Mytecell has been providing corporate IT solutions to private, public, and non-profit organizations. Our expertise with enterprise-level smartphone and tablet solutions allows us to meet your specific demands and recycling challenges. [...]

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Corporate Warranty Exchange-

Mytecell Corporate Inc. empowers your business or organization to take a more responsible and secure approach to mobile phone warranty and replacement for your clients and employees. Our services allow you to ensure minimal downtime in the event a client or employee damages or misplaces their device. Mytecell has been providing replacement solutions since 2009 to public, private, and non-profit organizations. Our expertise with enterprise-level smartphone and tablet solutions allows us to meet your specific replacement demands, [...]

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Enterprise Sales-

Allow Mytecell Corporate Inc. to meet all your mobile technology needs. Our company culture and years of experience build professional and personal relationships with our clients. Our services meet all your cell phone and tablet needs in a timely fashion, while meeting high security and reliability standards. Mytecell has been selling mobile devices to corporate entities since 2009, offering solutions for organizations within government, technology, education, healthcare, finance, and retail. Our expertise with [...]

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About Us

Mytecell’s primary locations are in Houston, Texas, and in the New York area. We are a family-owned and -operated business founded in 2009. Our mission is to provide truly exceptional cell phones and tablets to our dedicated customers, while ensuring the reliability and trust that is often lacking in this industry. We take pride in the level of care that we give to each device that enters our warehouse. Our dedicated staff works diligently to provide the high standard of service you deserve. Our cell phones go through manual and computerized diagnostics to test all software and hardware functionality and ensure the phone is working flawlessly.

From the beginning of our business, we have built many professional relationships with corporations and organizations to ensure we are purchasing highest-quality inventory and providing our clients with the exceptional service they deserve.

At Mytecell, we understand your needs, and we appreciate the complexity and urgency required by today’s businesses. We pride ourselves on catering to all your needs in a timely and professional manner. We believe in treating you as a valued partner, and you can rely on our products and services.

We look forward to working with you.

Our Team



Sam founded Mytecell in 2009 after working for over eight years as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He chose to start Mytecell due to his love of electronics, and he left his career in accounting to follow his dreams.


Business and Marketing Development

Jake and has owned and operated retail businesses in the electronics industry. His understanding of and appreciation for customer needs has helped build our dedicated network of clients. He ensures that our clients are satisfied and receive the attention they deserve.


Manager of Operations

Bringing along her years of experience in business management, Hannah joined Mytecell in 2015. She understands and appreciates the intricacies of running a successful and dedicated team. She oversees the process from when the phones enter our warehouse to when they are packed and ready to ship. Every step along the way is performed with great care and precision.


Device Testing and Diagnostics

Desiree came on-board as an intern while studying at university of A&M in 2014, and she has quickly become an integral part of our team. She makes sure that each device that leaves our warehouse is in full working condition and meets the requirements of our customers.


Lead Technician

Using his background as a cell phone repair technician, Hiran oversees the testing and diagnostics of all devices that enter our facility.


Sales Manager

SK is our newest addition, joining us in 2016. She is responsible for managing all our sales channels, both retail and wholesale.


Office Assistant

With her charisma and determination, Carla helps fill in wherever needed around the office. From filling orders to testing devices, she makes sure the office runs smoothly and efficiently.